System requirements

Providers of this service will not be held responsible for problems incurred while watching events due to issues with your viewing environment.
Be sure to review the following recommended system requirements.

Internet connection

In order to use the services provided on this website, you will need a high-speed and stable internet connection (we recommend a wired connection to a fixed line or Wi-Fi).
In order to properly view content streamed on this service, we recommend a download speed of 10 Mbps or higher when watching video content.
Measure your internet download speed by clicking on "Run Speed Test" below.

・Viewing requires large-volume data transmission. Please check your plan carefully before viewing.
*Video quality is automatically optimized according to your Internet connection speed.
Change the image quality using the [gear icon] at the bottom right of the video player from "1080 p (Best)", "720 p (High)", "540 p (Medium)", "360 p (Low)", "Auto".
If the video does not play smoothly when viewing streamed content, try playing it at a lower quality.
(when using "Safari" as your browser, there is no [gear icon] allowing you to change video quality, only "Auto" is displayed)

Recommended OS/browser

Windows (latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox)
Mac (latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox)
*Internet Explorer is not supported.

Android 5 or higher (latest version of Google Chrome)
iOS 12.2 or later (latest version of Safari, and Google Chrome)

*Video content may not play smoothly if the CPU or memory available on your terminal is insufficient.
When viewing video content, we recommended you close all other applications other than your browser.

Check your viewing environment

Please use the following to check the video and audio quality of video content before purchasing.

Viewing page/check your viewing environment