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This section shows a list of frequently asked questions from our customers. Please read through these and if you cannot resolve your problem, send your question through using our inquiring form.

System requirements

  • What are the system requirements?

    See the recommended system requirements here.
  • Can I watch streamed events on TV?

    Depending on the terminal you are using, you may be able to view events by connecting your terminal to your television. However, this service does not support TV connection or casting.

Ticket purchases

  • How can I purchase a ticket?

    1. Select the ticket you wish to purchase from the event SCHEDULE.

    2.Before purchasing a ticket, please test that you are able to playback streamed events on your terminal.

    3. Check the event details.

    4. Purchase a ticket. Follow the prompts to purchase your ticket.

    5. Once you have purchased your ticket, a payment confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. Please store this in a safe place until after the streaming period.
  • Do tickets sell out?

    Some events do have a maximum number of tickets.
    For details on how tickets are drawn, etc. please see the event information or sales pages.
  • What payment methods are available?

    Payments can be made by credit card.
  • Can I cancel a ticket after it has been purchased?

    Please note that we do not accept cancellations for personal reasons after a ticket has been purchased.
  • Can I purchase tickets for family and friends from one account?

    You can only purchase one ticket (for the account holder) per account. Any person wishing to view an event must create an account and purchase a ticket.

Live streaming

  • Where can I watch the stream after purchasing a ticket?

    On the day of the event, log into [Service Name] and go to "TODAY'S EVENT" on the top page to access the viewing page.
    Please go to the viewing page once the stream has commenced.
    Please refresh the page in the event it does not automatically load once the event has commenced.
  • Can I watch a streamed event from part way through?

    It is not possible to rewind or fast forward streamed events. If you miss the start of an event, you will only be watch the remaining portion of the stream.
  • Can I record a streamed event (audio or video content)?

    Streamed images (including audio) are protected by the relevant copyright laws, and all rights belong to the event organizer. Regardless of whether for commercial or private use, filming, recording (audio or video content) or using content for promotional purposes is strictly prohibited. Please note that you may held legally responsible for any unauthorized reproduction or sharing of event content.
  • Is there a limit to the number of terminals I can connect to the service at one time?

    Up to 2 terminals (browsers) can be logged in at the same time. Once a login by three or more terminals is detected, the first terminal will be automatically logged out.
  • What happens if I cannot watch the event due to service interruptions during the stream?

    Try to re-access the site after setting your internet environment. High-speed, large-volume data communication is required to use this service. We recommend using a wired connection or Wi-Fi. Providers of this service will not be held responsible for problems incurred while watching events due to issues with your viewing environment.

Missed event streaming

  • What is missed event streaming?

    Missed event streaming is a feature that allows you to watch the event for a limited amount of time after the initial live streamed event. Please note that the streaming duration of missed events will vary depending on the event. Also, some are one-off events without this feature. Please check the details for each event.
  • Where can I watch missed events.

    Missed events can be viewed from the same page as the initial live streamed events.
  • When can I watch missed events?

    Once the initial live stream is over, content will be available as soon as the necessary preparations have been made. Reloading the page may be necessary to watch missed events.
  • Can I use the chat function during missed event streaming?

    There is no chat function available for missed event streaming.

Member registration/Login

  • I can’t login.

    Please enter your registered email address and the correct password to login.
    *Be sure to enter your email address and password in half-width alphanumeric characters.

    *Depending on the input settings for your device, there are cases where a space will automatically be added to the end of your email address or password.
  • I am not receiving the reply email after sending my email address for the new member registration.

    If you have taken measures to prevent spam mail, change your computer settings to enable incoming emails from the domain "".
  • I am already registered as a member but keep getting asked to register.

    The following are some possible causes.

    ■If you are attempting to access the site from a barcode scanning application, open it again in a separate browser and try again.
    ■It is possible you are not correctly logged in. Logout once and try to login again from the TOP page.
    ■It is possible you have not set your browser to accept cookies.
    From "Settings" of your browser, enable cookies by clicking on "Accept cookies".
    Once you have changed your settings, close down your browser. Reload your browser and try to login again.

Other inquiries

  • Other inquiries

    Please use one of the following methods to make your inquiry.

    Johnny’s net Online (English Website) Customer Service
    Inquiries regarding the website, live streaming, ticket purchases, and payments can be made through the following.

    ▼Email inquiries
    Inquiry form
    Business hours: 10:00 - 18:00(JST)
     *When making an inquiry, please change your settings to enable incoming emails from the domain "".

    *Please note that depending on the content of your inquiry, we may not be able to provide an answer or it may take some time to respond.