The 90th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Osaka Castle Keep Commemorative Project

10.23(SUN) 18:00〜

Ae! group / Lil Kansai / Boys be / AmBitious / Kansai Johnnys’ Jr.

The 90th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Osaka Castle Keep Commemorative Project "Osakajo Yumematsuri - Kansai Johnnys’ Jr. DREAM LIVE 2022"

The live stream of the "Osakajo Yumematsuri - Kansai Johnnys’ Jr. DREAM LIVE 2022" will be available worldwide, delivering this special stage from the Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden!
Let’s have fun with the Kansai Johnnys’ Jr.!!

End on sale: October 23, 2022 (SUN) 18:30 (JST)
OPEN: 17:00 (JST) START: 18:00 (JST)

*Rikuto Ura of AmBitious will be absent from the stream.
*The ticket for this event sold on Johnny's net online (English website) is only available on English website. You can not view the event on Johnny's net online (Japanese website) with the ticket.
*The sale will end at 18:30 on October 23, SUN, JST.
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